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Straight line track mobile ship loader


Straight line track mobile ship loader is a kind of efficient equipment of ship loader. It consists of tail car, slewing mechanism, telescopic chute system, arm frame system, the door saddle, under supporting beam, boom luffing systemboom extension system, belt conveyor system, cart walking system, forward  supporting system, rear supporting system, dust removal device, windproof anchor and antiskid device, windproof mooring device, driver room, electrical room, electrical system, lubrication system, platform aisle and ladder parts.


The machine’s working principle: layout the tail car feeder system in parallel along the wharf, slewing mechanism adopts rotating slewing bearing, which is installed on the walking platform. Material is loading on board to the head of belt conveyor by telescopic chute falling on the loading of the ship. The whole loading operation is moving the machine but not ship. The machine is installed in the wharf apron orbit. The vehicle driving through the cart walking system, linear motion along the alongshore orbit and was dragged ahead forward (rear). In the process of loading, walking through the cart (i.e., the motion of the support beam), the arm frame expansion and boom luffing alone or combination of the three institutions, such as action can be done for different types of vessels in the tank and tank was wide coverage of each direction to achieve shipment. In addition, the two movements of arm pitching and telescopic chute can be adapted to different water level and different height of the material of the ship.